Key English Slovak
dropEggLionCubMountText Lion Lev
dropEggLionCubText Lion Cub Levík
dropEggPandaCubAdjective a gentle krotký
dropEggPandaCubMountText Panda Pandiak
dropEggPandaCubText Panda Cub Pandiačik
dropEggTigerCubAdjective a fierce divoký
dropEggTigerCubMountText Tiger Tiger
dropEggTigerCubText Tiger Cub Tigríček
dropEggWolfAdjective a loyal verný
dropEggWolfMountText Wolf Vlk
dropEggWolfText Wolf Vlk
eggNotes Find a hatching potion to pour on this egg, and it will hatch into <%= eggAdjective(locale) %> <%= eggText(locale) %>. Nájdi liahoxír a vylej ho na toto vajíčko, aby sa z neho vyliahlo zvieratko: <%= eggAdjective(locale) %> <%= eggText(locale) %>.
foodCakeBase Basic Cake Základný koláč
foodCakeBaseA a Basic Cake a Basic Cake
foodCakeBaseThe the Basic Cake the Basic Cake
foodCakeCottonCandyBlue Candy Blue Cake Modrý koláč
foodCakeCottonCandyBlueA a Candy Blue Cake a Candy Blue Cake
foodCakeCottonCandyBlueThe the Candy Blue Cake the Candy Blue Cake
foodCakeCottonCandyPink Candy Pink Cake Ružový koláč
foodCakeCottonCandyPinkA a Candy Pink Cake a Candy Pink Cake