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communityGuidelinesWarning Please keep in mind that your Display Name, profile photo, and blurb must comply with the <a href='' target='_blank'>Community Guidelines</a> (e.g. no profanity, no adult topics, no insults, etc). If you have any questions about whether or not something is appropriate, feel free to email <%= hrefBlankCommunityManagerEmail %>! 請記得您的暱稱、個人檔案照片和內容皆須遵守<a href='' target='_blank'>社群守則</a>(比如說:不允許猥褻行為、不允許成人議題、不允許汙辱他人等等)。如果您不確定某些事有沒有合乎規範,歡迎寫信到<%= hrefBlankCommunityManagerEmail %>!
profile Profile 個人檔案
avatar Customize Avatar 客制化角色圖像
editAvatar Edit Avatar 編輯角色
noDescription This Habitican hasn't added a description. 此Habitica玩家尚未新增介紹。
noPhoto This Habitican hasn't added a photo. 此Habitica玩家尚未新增相片。
other Other 其他
fullName Full Name 全名
displayName Display name 暱稱
changeDisplayName Change Display Name 修改暱稱
newDisplayName New Display Name 新的暱稱
displayBlurbPlaceholder Please introduce yourself 請在此處自我介紹
photoUrl Photo Url 照片網址
imageUrl Image Url 圖片網址
inventory Inventory 背包
social Social 社交
lvl Lvl 等級
buffed Buffed 獲得增益魔法
bodyBody Body 身體
size Size 身材