Key English Chinese (Simplified)
backgroundSnowyFarmText Snowy Farm 冰雪农场
backgroundSnowyFarmNotes Check that everyone is well and warm on your Snowy Farm. 检查一下冰雪农场里的每个人是否都还健康、温暖。
backgroundPixelistsWorkshopNotes Create masterpieces in the Pixelist's Workshop. 风情意自足,横斜不可加。
backgroundPalmTreeWithFairyLightsNotes Pose by a Palm Tree bedecked with Fairy Lights. 在挂着仙女灯的棕榈树旁摆好pose。
backgroundIslandWaterfallsNotes Picnic near Island Waterfalls. 今古长如白练飞,
backgroundHolidayMarketNotes Find the perfect gifts and decorations at a Holiday Market. 在假日市场上发现完美的礼物和装饰品。
backgroundGardenShedNotes Work in a Garden Shed. 布谷飞飞劝早耕,