Key English Croatian
achievementCreatedTask Create your first task
achievementDustDevil Dust Devil Pustinjski vrag
achievementDomesticated E-I-E-I-O
achievementPurchasedEquipmentModalText Equipment is a way to customize your avatar and improve your Stats
achievementFedPetText Fed their first pet.
achievementFedPet Feed a Pet
achievementFreshwaterFriends Freshwater Friends
achievementGoodAsGold Good As Gold
achievementBackToBasicsText Has collected all Base Pets. Skupljeni su svi osnovni ljubimci.
achievementVioletsAreBlueText Has collected all Cotton Candy Blue Pets.
achievementTickledPinkText Has collected all Cotton Candy Pink Pets.
achievementDustDevilText Has collected all Desert Pets. Skupljeni su svi pustinjski ljubimci.
achievementGoodAsGoldText Has collected all Golden Pets.
achievementSeeingRedText Has collected all Red Pets.
achievementShadyCustomerText Has collected all Shade Pets.
achievementBoneCollectorText Has collected all Skeleton Pets.
achievementPrimedForPaintingText Has collected all White Pets.
achievementMonsterMagusText Has collected all Zombie Pets.
achievementSeasonalSpecialistText Has completed all the Spring and Winter seasonal quests: Egg Hunt, Trapper Santa, and Find the Cub!
achievementFreshwaterFriendsText Has completed Axolotl, Frog, and Hippo pet quests.