Key English Croatian
achievementCreatedTaskModalText Add a task for something you would like to accomplish this week
achievementAllThatGlitters All That Glitters
achievementAllYourBase All Your Base
achievementKickstarter2019Text Backed the 2019 Pin Kickstarter Project
achievementBareNecessities Bare Necessities
achievementBirdsOfAFeather Birds of a Feather
achievementBoneCollector Bone Collector
achievementBugBonanza Bug Bonanza
achievementCompletedTaskModalText Check off any of your tasks to earn rewards
achievementCompletedTask Complete a task
achievementCompletedTaskText Completed their first task.
achievementCreatedTaskText Created their first task.
achievementCreatedTask Create your first task
achievementDomesticated E-I-E-I-O
achievementPurchasedEquipmentModalText Equipment is a way to customize your avatar and improve your Stats
achievementFedPetText Fed their first pet.
achievementFedPet Feed a Pet
achievementFreshwaterFriends Freshwater Friends
achievementGoodAsGold Good As Gold
achievementVioletsAreBlueText Has collected all Cotton Candy Blue Pets.