Key English Croatian
achievementZodiacZookeeper Zodiac Zookeeper
achievementPartyUp You teamed up with a party member!
achievementUndeadUndertakerModalText You tamed all the Zombie Mounts!
achievementPearlyProModalText You tamed all the White Mounts!
achievementSkeletonCrewModalText You tamed all the Skeleton Mounts!
achievementShadeOfItAllModalText You tamed all the Shade Mounts!
achievementRedLetterDayModalText You tamed all the Red Mounts!
achievementAllThatGlittersModalText You tamed all the Golden Mounts!
achievementRosyOutlookModalText You tamed all the Cotton Candy Pink Mounts!
achievementWildBlueYonderModalText You tamed all the Cotton Candy Blue Mounts!
achievementPartyOn Your party grew to 4 members!
achievementMindOverMatterModalText You completed the Rock, Slime, and Yarn pet quests!
achievementJustAddWaterModalText You completed the Octopus, Seahorse, Cuttlefish, Whale, Turtle, Nudibranch, Sea Serpent, and Dolphin pet quests!
achievementBareNecessitiesModalText You completed the Monkey, Sloth, and Treeling pet quests!
achievementBugBonanzaModalText You completed the Beetle, Butterfly, Snail, and Spider pet quests!
achievementFreshwaterFriendsModalText You completed the Axolotl, Frog, and Hippo pet quests!
achievementSeasonalSpecialistModalText You completed all the seasonal quests!
achievementMonsterMagusModalText You collected all the Zombie Pets!
achievementZodiacZookeeperModalText You collected all the zodiac pets!
achievementPrimedForPaintingModalText You collected all the White Pets!