Key English Croatian
achievementCompletedTaskText Completed their first task.
achievementCompletedTaskModalText Check off any of your tasks to earn rewards
achievementHatchedPet Hatch a Pet
achievementHatchedPetText Hatched their first pet.
achievementHatchedPetModalText Head over to your inventory and try combining a hatching Potion and an Egg
achievementFedPet Feed a Pet
achievementFedPetText Fed their first pet.
achievementFedPetModalText There are many different types of food, but Pets can be picky
achievementPurchasedEquipment Purchase a piece of Equipment
achievementPurchasedEquipmentText Purchased their first piece of equipment.
achievementPurchasedEquipmentModalText Equipment is a way to customize your avatar and improve your Stats
achievementPrimedForPainting Primed for Painting
achievementPrimedForPaintingText Has collected all White Pets.
achievementPrimedForPaintingModalText You collected all the White Pets!
achievementPearlyPro Pearly Pro
achievementPearlyProText Has tamed all White Mounts.
achievementPearlyProModalText You tamed all the White Mounts!
achievementTickledPink Tickled Pink
achievementTickledPinkText Has collected all Cotton Candy Pink Pets.
achievementTickledPinkModalText You collected all the Cotton Candy Pink Pets!