Key English English (United Kingdom)
achievementBirdsOfAFeather Birds of a Feather
achievementBirdsOfAFeatherText Has hatched all standard colors of flying pets: Flying Pig, Owl, Parrot, Pterodactyl, Gryphon, Falcon, Peacock, and Rooster!
achievementWoodlandWizardText Has hatched all standard colors of forest creatures: Badger, Bear, Deer, Fox, Frog, Hedgehog, Owl, Snail, Squirrel, and Treeling!
achievementReptacularRumbleText Has hatched all the standard colors of reptile pets: Alligator, Pterodactyl, Snake, Triceratops, Turtle, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Velociraptor!
achievementGroupsBeta2022 Interactive Beta Tester
achievementReptacularRumble Reptacular Rumble
achievementWoodlandWizard Woodland Wizard
achievementGroupsBeta2022Text You and your group provided invaluable feedback to help Habitica test.
achievementGroupsBeta2022ModalText You and your groups helped Habitica by testing and providing feedback!
achievementBirdsOfAFeatherModalText You collected all the flying pets!
achievementWoodlandWizardModalText You collected all the forest pets!
achievementReptacularRumbleModalText You collected all the reptile pets!