Key English Chinese (Traditional)
tasks.repeats.monthly_the the %@ %@
tasks.examples.chores_habit 10 minutes cleaning 10分鐘大掃除
tasks.examples.exercise_habit 10 minutes cardio 10分鐘有氧運動
one_filter 1 Filter 1個篩選
stats.one_point_to_allocate 1 Point to Allocate 1個點數可分配
titles.api API API
settings.api API API
tasks.due_in_x_days Due in %d days %d天后到期
level_number Level %d %d等
stats.points_to_allocate %d Point to Allocate %d點待分配
x_filters %ld Filters %ld 個篩選
unlocks_selecting_class_description Skills are unlocked once you reach level 10 and have selected a class 一旦您達到等級10以及選擇一個職業,所有技能將會被解鎖
tasks.quality.neutral Neutral 一般
skills.cant_cast_on_challenge_tasks Can't cast a spell on a challenge task 不能對挑戰任務施放技能
tasks.form.medium Medium 中等
settings.theme_color Theme Color 主題色
settings.theme_mode Theme Mode 主題風格
tasks.due_today Due today 今天到期
tasks.tasks Tasks 任務
week_reminder_body Breaks are healthy, but you can still earn points for simple activities to level up and get cool gear! 休憩是有益,但您可透過簡易的活動賺取點數去提升等級跟獲得酷裝備!