Key English Chinese (Traditional)
tasks.form.confirm_delete Are you sure you want to delete this task? 你確定要刪除這個任務?
stats.distribute_class_help Assigns more points to the attributes important to your Class. 為對你的職業更重要的屬性分配更多的點數。
stats.distribute_tasks_help Assigns points based on the Strength, Intelligence, Constitution, and Perception categories associated with the tasks you complete. 根據你完成的任務所關聯的力量、智力、體質和感知屬性分配屬性點。
stats.distribute_evenly_help Assigns the same number of points to each attribute. 為每個屬性分配相同的點數。
tasks.form.accessibility.attribute Attribute is %@ 屬性為%@
titles.authentication Authentication 確認
settings.authentication Authentication 認證
stats.auto_allocate_points Auto Allocate Points 自動分配屬性點
titles.avatar Avatar 角色
back Back 返回
tasks.quality.bad Bad 糟糕
titles.basics Basics 基本
stats.battle_gear Battle Gear 戰鬥裝備 Best 最好
tasks.quality.better Better 更好 Blue 藍色
tasks.examples.health_todo_text Brainstorm a healthy change 來場改善健康的頭腦風暴
week_reminder_body Breaks are healthy, but you can still earn points for simple activities to level up and get cool gear! 休憩是有益,但您可透過簡易的活動賺取點數去提升等級跟獲得酷裝備!
stats.buffs Buffs 增益魔法
cancel Cancel 取消