Key English Chinese (Traditional)
stats.no_points_to_allocate 0 Points to Allocate 可分配的點數為0
tasks.examples.exercise_habit 10 minutes cardio 10分鐘有氧運動
tasks.examples.chores_habit 10 minutes cleaning 10分鐘大掃除
one_filter 1 Filter 1個篩選
stats.one_point_to_allocate 1 Point to Allocate 1個點數可分配
titles.about About 關於
titles.achievements Achievements 成就
tasks.add_x Add %@ 添加 %@
daily_tip_1 Add checklists to your To Do's to multiply your rewards! 新增覆核清單至您的待辦事項中去贏得多重獎勵!
settings.add_email_and_password Add Email and Password authentication 添加電子郵件和密碼身份驗證
tasks.form.adjust_counter Adjust Counter 計數器修正
tasks.form.adjust_streak Adjust Streak 調整連擊
all All 全部
stats.allocated Allocated 已分配
theme.alwaysDark Always Dark 強制深色
theme.alwaysLight Always Light 強制淺色
titles.api API API
settings.api API API
settings.app_icon App Icon 應用圖標
settings.are_you_sure Are you sure? 你確定嗎?