Key English Chinese (Traditional)
all All 全部
back Back 返回
cancel Cancel 取消
change Change 變更
chat Chat 聊天
class_system_disabled Class System disabled. 職業系統已關閉。
class_system_enable_instructions You can enable the class system from the apps settings. 您能透過應用程式中的設定去啟用職業系統。
clear Clear 清空
controls Controls 控制
could_not_gift_gems Could not gift gems. Please try again later. 無法贈送寶石。請稍後再試。
create Create 新建
create_challenge Create Challenge 建立挑戰
create_challenge_description To create a Challenge, log in to the Habitica website then tap the “Create” button on the “My Challenges” screen. 去建立一份挑戰,登入至 Habitica網站並點選“我的挑戰”頁面中的 “建立”按鈕。
created_at Created At 在此新建
create_guild Create Guild 設立公會
create_guild_description To create a Guild, log in to the Habitica website then tap the “Create” button on the “My Guilds” screen. 去設立一個公會,登入至 Habitica網站並點選“我的公會”頁面中的 “設立”按鈕。
daily Daily 每日
daily_tip_0 Want to try something new? Join a Challenge to expand your task list and win some Gems! 想要嘗試新的東西嗎?加入挑戰去拓展您的任務清單跟贏得寶石!
daily_tip_1 Add checklists to your To Do's to multiply your rewards! 新增覆核清單至您的待辦事項中去贏得多重獎勵!
daily_tip_2 You can change how often each Daily repeats. Even infrequent tasks can be scheduled. 您能變更每日任務中的每項任務之頻發率。甚至連不頻發的任務也都能夠被預設定。