Key English Chinese (Traditional)
settings.push_notifications.won_challenge You won a challenge! 你贏了挑戰!
skills.used_transformation_item You used %@ 你使用了 %@
skills.use_skill You use %@ 你使用了 %@
settings.push_notifications.quest_begun Your quest has begun 你的副本已經開始
guilds.left_guild You left the guild 您已離開公會
guilds.joined_guild You joined the guild 您已加入公會
skills.caused_damage You caused damage to the boss 你對boss造成了傷害
daily_tip_3 You can schedule specific reminders for Dailies too. 您也能給每日任務預設特定的提醒。
class_system_enable_instructions You can enable the class system from the apps settings. 您能透過應用程式中的設定去啟用職業系統。
tasks.examples.todo_notes You can either complete this To Do, edit it, or remove it. 你可以完成、編輯或刪除這項代辦。
daily_tip_8 You can change your task's difficulty to reward yourself more for hard tasks! 您可變更您的任務難易度,任務越艱困越能獲得更多獎勵!
daily_tip_2 You can change how often each Daily repeats. Even infrequent tasks can be scheduled. 您能變更每日任務中的每項任務之頻發率。甚至連不頻發的任務也都能夠被預設定。
theme.yellow Yellow 黃色
yearly Yearly 每年
tasks.repeats.yearly yearly 每年
tasks.quality.worst Worst 最糟
tasks.quality.worse Worse 更糟
tasks.examples.creativity_daily_text Work on creative project 專注創意項目
tasks.examples.work_daily_text Worked on today’s most important task 做今天最重要的任務 Work 工作