Key English Chinese (Traditional)
class_system_enable_instructions You can enable the class system from the apps settings. 您能透過應用程式中的設定去啟用職業系統。
unlocks_selecting_class_description Skills are unlocked once you reach level 10 and have selected a class 一旦您達到等級10以及選擇一個職業,所有技能將會被解鎖
unlocks_selecting_class_prompt Now that you reached level 10, you can choose a class! 您現在已經達到10等級,您可選擇一個職業!
pet_accessibility_label_mount_owned %@, Mount Owned %@, 已擁有之坐騎
get_started Get Started 開始行動吧
daily_tip_0 Want to try something new? Join a Challenge to expand your task list and win some Gems! 想要嘗試新的東西嗎?加入挑戰去拓展您的任務清單跟贏得寶石!
daily_tip_1 Add checklists to your To Do's to multiply your rewards! 新增覆核清單至您的待辦事項中去贏得多重獎勵!
daily_tip_2 You can change how often each Daily repeats. Even infrequent tasks can be scheduled. 您能變更每日任務中的每項任務之頻發率。甚至連不頻發的任務也都能夠被預設定。
daily_tip_3 You can schedule specific reminders for Dailies too. 您也能給每日任務預設特定的提醒。
daily_tip_4 Occasionally re-evaluating your tasks can help keep you on the right path. 有時候重新審視您的任務能幫助您持續朝向對的方向前進。
daily_tip_5 Take a few deep breaths to help you focus. You can do this! 大口深呼吸去幫助您專注。您能做的到!
daily_tip_6 Try setting a timer for ten minutes and seeing how much you can get done! 試著設置一個十分鐘鬧鐘來看看多少您能夠完成!
daily_tip_7 Try pinning items from the Market to your Rewards to help motivate you to earn them! 試著透過市場標記項目至您的獎勵,這會幫助並激勵您去獲取它們!
daily_tip_8 You can change your task's difficulty to reward yourself more for hard tasks! 您可變更您的任務難易度,任務越艱困越能獲得更多獎勵!
daily_tip_9 If you're having a tough time, try breaking your tasks down into smaller parts. 如果您有難處去完成,試著將您的任務拆分為小部份。
week_reminder_title How are your tasks going? 您的任務進行的還順利嗎?
week_reminder_body Breaks are healthy, but you can still earn points for simple activities to level up and get cool gear! 休憩是有益,但您可透過簡易的活動賺取點數去提升等級跟獲得酷裝備!
x_items_found %d Items found 已找尋到 %d 個品項
new New
seasonal_potions_available Seasonal items available 尚供給季節性品項