Key English Chinese (Traditional)
equipment.armor Armor
equipment.head_accessory Head Accessory
equipment.body Body Accessory
equipment.back Back Accessory
equipment.eyewear Eyewear
equipment.battle_gear Battle Gear
equipment.auto_equip Auto-Equip new
equipment.costume Costume
equipment.use_costume Use Costume
equipment.costume_explanation Select "Use Costume" to equip items to your avatar without affecting the Stats from your Battle Gear! This means that you can dress up your avatar in whatever outfit you like while still having your best Battle Gear equipped.
equipment.nothing_equipped Nothing Equipped
equipment.class_equipment Class Equipment
avatar.shirt Shirt
avatar.skin_color Skin Color
avatar.hairColor Hair Color
avatar.bangs Bangs
avatar.hair_style Hair Style
avatar.mustache Mustache
avatar.beard Beard
avatar.flower Flower