Key English Chinese (Simplified)
weak Weak 待养成
strong Strong 已养成
notes Notes 注释
settings.change_display_name Change Display Name 改变昵称
settings.reset_account_description WARNING! This resets many parts of your account. This is highly discouraged, but some people find it useful in the beginning after playing with the site for a short time.

You will lose all your levels, gold, and experience points. All your tasks (except those from challenges) will be deleted permanently and you will lose all of their historical data. You will lose all your equipment but you will be able to buy it all back, including all limited edition equipment or subscriber Mystery items that you already own (you will need to be in the correct class to re-buy class-specific gear). You will keep your current class and your pets and mounts. You might prefer to use an Orb of Rebirth instead, which is a much safer option and which will preserve your tasks and equipment.

sell Sell for %d Gold 卖掉得到%d个金币
equipment.head_accessory Head Accessory 头部饰品
equipment.body Body Accessory 身体饰品
equipment.back Back Accessory 背部饰品
unsubscribe_itunes No longer want to subscribe? You can manage your subscription through your Apple ID in your device's Settings. 不想再订阅了?你可以通过你设备里的Apple ID设置来取消。
unsubscribe_website No longer want to subscribe? Due to your payment method, you can only unsubscribe through the website. 不想再订阅了?由于你的支付方式,你只能在网页上取消。
time_travel_backgrounds Time Travelers Backgrounds 时空旅行者的背景
display_name Display name 昵称
settings.display_name_length_error Your display name has to be between 1 and 30 characters. 你的昵称长度必须在1到30个字符间。
locations.time_travelers_shop Time Travelers Shop 时空旅行者商店
subscription Subscription 订阅
subscription_info_2_description Earn Mystic Hourglasses to purchase items in the Time Traveler’s Shop! 用神秘沙漏在时空旅行者的商店购物!
subscription_benefits_title Become a subscriber and you’ll get these useful benefits 订阅则可获得
subscription_benefits_title_subscribed You get these benefits for being a Subscriber 订阅则可获得
subscription_gift_explanation Want to give the benefits of a subscription to someone else? 想赠送订阅吗?