Key English Polish
equipment.auto_equip Auto-Equip new
equipment.class_equipment Class Equipment
avatar.skin_color Skin Color
avatar.hairColor Hair Color
avatar.hair_style Hair Style
avatar.body Body Hair Skin
avatar.extras Extras
purchase_for_gems Purchase for %d Gems
classes.warrior_description Warriors score more and better "critical hits", which randomly give bonus Gold, Experience, and drop chance for scoring a task. They also deal heavy damage to boss monsters. Play a Warrior if you find motivation from unpredictable jackpot-style rewards, or want to dish out the hurt in boss Quests!
classes.mage_description Mages learn swiftly, gaining Experience and Levels faster than other classes. They also get a great deal of Mana for using special abilities. Play a Mage if you enjoy the tactical game aspects of Habitica, or if you are strongly motivated by leveling up and unlocking advanced features!
classes.class_header %@ Class
party.invited_to_quest %@ invited you to participate in a quest
party.quest_number_responded %d/%d Members responded
party.invitation_no_invitername Someone invited you to join their party
party.invitation_invitername %@ invited you to join their party
party.create_party_title Play Habitica in a Party
party.create_party_description Take on quests with friends or on your own. Battle monsters, create Challenges, and help yourself stay accountable through Parties.
party.create_party_button Create a new Party