Key English Polish
settings.app_icon App Icon
settings.change_about_message Change About Message
settings.reset_account_description WARNING! This resets many parts of your account. This is highly discouraged, but some people find it useful in the beginning after playing with the site for a short time.

You will lose all your levels, gold, and experience points. All your tasks (except those from challenges) will be deleted permanently and you will lose all of their historical data. You will lose all your equipment but you will be able to buy it all back, including all limited edition equipment or subscriber Mystery items that you already own (you will need to be in the correct class to re-buy class-specific gear). You will keep your current class and your pets and mounts. You might prefer to use an Orb of Rebirth instead, which is a much safer option and which will preserve your tasks and equipment.
settings.api_disclaimer Copy these for use in third party applications. However, think of your API Token like a password, and do not share it publicly. You may occasionally be asked for your User ID, but never post your API Token where others can see it, including on Github.
theme.default_theme Default
theme.maroon Maroon
guilds.leave_guild_title Leave Guild?
guilds.leave_guild_description Do you want to leave the guild and keep or leave the challenges?
guilds.keep_challenges Keep challenges
guilds.leave_challenges Leave Challenges
guilds.guild_members Guild Members
guilds.guild_challenges Guild Challenges
guilds.guild_description Guild Description
guilds.join_guild Join Guild
guilds.guild_leader Guild Leader
specialItems Special Items
sell Sell for %d Gold
hatch_egg Use on Egg
hatch_potion Hatch with potion
stable.standard_pets Standard Pets