Key English Polish
hundred_gold 100 Gold
duration_12month 12 months
one_month 1 Month
duration_3month 3 months
five_achievements 5 Achievements
duration_6month 6 months
block_description A blocked user cannot send you Private Messages but you will still see their posts in Tavern or Guilds. This will have no effect if the person is a moderator now or in the future.
active_on Active on %@
add Add
create_task_description Add a task for something you would like to accomplish this week
groups.invite.add_username Add a Username
daily_tip_1 Add checklists to your To Do's to multiply your rewards!
settings.add_email_and_password Add Email and Password authentication
tasks.form.adjust_counter Adjust Counter
tasks.form.adjust_streak Adjust Streak
stat_description All Habitica characters have four stats that affect the gameplay aspects of Habitica.

**Strength (STR)** affects critical hits and raises damage done to a Quest Boss. Warriors and Rogues gain STR from their class equipment.

**Constitution (CON)** raises your HP and makes you take less damage. Healers and Warriors gain CON from their class equipment.

**Intelligence (INT)** raises the amount of EXP you earn and gives you more Mana. Mages and Healers gain INT from their class equipment.

**Perception (PER)** increases the gold you earn and the rate of finding dropped items. Rogues and Mages gain PER from their class equipment.

After level 10, you earn 1 Stat Point every level you gain that you can put into any stat you’d like. You can also equip gear that has different combinations of stat boosts.
settings.app_icon App Icon
quests.confirm_force_start Are you sure? Not all party members have joined this quest! Quests start automatically when all players have joined or rejected the invitation.
settings.confirm_username_prompt Are you sure you want to confirm your current username?
quests.confirm_leave Are you sure you want to leave the Quest? All your progress will be lost.