Key English Polish
tasks.due_x Due %@
tasks.every_x every %d %@
tasks.repeats.repeats_every_on Repeats %@ on %@
tasks.repeats.repeats_every Repeats %@
tasks.repeats.monthly_the the %@
tasks.examples.todo_notes You can either complete this To Do, edit it, or remove it. Możesz albo wykonać to Do-Zrobienia, zedytować je albo usunąć.
tasks.examples.team_habit Check in with team
tasks.examples.team_daily_text Update team on status
tasks.edit_details Edit Details
update Update
tasks.form.notes_placeholder Include any notes to help you out
resync Resync
resync_all Resync all
resync_task Resync this task
menu.skills Skills
menu.gems Purchase Gems
menu.subscription Subscription Support
skills.transformation_items Transformation Items
skills.caused_damage You caused damage to the boss