Key English Polish
stats.no_points_to_allocate 0 Points to Allocate 0 punktów do Rozdzielenia
hundred_gold 100 Gold
tasks.examples.exercise_habit 10 minutes cardio 10 minut cardio
tasks.examples.chores_habit 10 minutes cleaning 10 minut sprzątania
duration_12month 12 months
one_filter 1 Filter 1 Filtr
one_month 1 Month
stats.one_point_to_allocate 1 Point to Allocate 1 punkt do Rozdzielenia
day_streaks 21-Day Streaks 21-Dniowe Serie
duration_3month 3 months
five_achievements 5 Achievements
duration_6month 6 months
block_description A blocked user cannot send you Private Messages but you will still see their posts in Tavern or Guilds. This will have no effect if the person is a moderator now or in the future.
abort Abort Przerwij
titles.about About O nas
aboutText About O nas
accept Accept Zaakceptuj
quests.accepted Accepted Akceptuj
titles.achievements Achievements Osiągnięcia
about.acknowledgements Acknowledgements Uznania