Key English
tasks.form.trivial Trivial
tasks.every_x every %d %@
quests Quests
equipment.costume Costume
avatar.shirt Shirt
mana Mana
classes.rogue_description Rogues love to accumulate wealth, gaining more Gold than anyone else, and are adept at finding random items. Their iconic Stealth ability lets them duck the consequences of missed Dailies. Play a Rogue if you find strong motivation from Rewards and Achievements, striving for loot and badges!
quests.invitations_header Invitations
inventory.no_gems_left You have bought all the Gems you can this month. More become available within the first three days of each month. Thanks for subscribing!
shirt Shirt
invitations Invitations
subscription_info_3_description Subscribe now to get an exclusive set now and receive new items every month!
subscription_info_4_description Receive the Royal Purple Jackalope pet when you become a new subscriber.
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