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tutorial_overview Here we are! I’ve filled out some tasks for you based on your interests. Try adding a few of your own. You can edit any task by tapping the title.
tutorial_habits_1 First up is Habits. They can be positive Habits you want to improve or negative Habits you want to quit.
tutorial_habits_2 Every time you do a positive Habit, tap the + to get experience and gold!
tutorial_habits_3 If you slip up and do a negative Habit, tapping the - will reduce your avatar’s health to help you stay accountable.
tutorial_habits_4 Give it a shot! You can explore the other task types through the bottom navigation.
tutorial_dailies_1 Make Dailies for time sensitive tasks that need to be done on a regular schedule.
tutorial_dailies_2 Be careful — if you miss one, your avatar will take damage overnight. Checking them off consistently brings great rewards!
tutorial_todos_1 Use To Do's to keep track of tasks you need to do just once.
tutorial_todos_2 If your To Do has to be done by a certain time, set a due date. Looks like you can check one off — go ahead!
tutorial_rewards_1 Buy gear for your avatar with the gold you earn!
tutorial_rewards_2 You can also make real-world Custom Rewards based on what motivates you.
tutorial_tasks_complete That's all for now. If you need a reminder, check the FAQ section.
tutorial_skills Skills are special abilities that have powerful effects! Tap on a skill to use it. It will cost Mana (the blue bar), which you earn by checking in every day and by completing your real-life tasks. Check out the FAQ in the menu for more info! מיומנויות הן יכולות מיוחדות בעלות השפעה עוצמתית! לחצו על מיומנות כדי להשתמש בה. היא תעלה לכם מאנה (המד הכחול), שתרוויחו על ידי סימון משימות מידי יום ועל ידי השלמת משימות בחיים האמיתיים. בידקו את השאלות הנפוצות בתפריט למידע נוסף!
tutorial_party This is where you and your friends can hold each other accountable to your goals and fight monsters with your tasks! זה המקום בו אתם וחבריכם יכולים לישמור על עצמכם מחוייבים למטרות ולהלחם במפלצות עם המשימות שלכם!
tutorial_tavern Welcome to the Tavern, a public, all-ages chatroom! Here you can chat about productivity and ask questions. Have fun! ברוכים הבאים לפונדק, צ׳אט פומבי לכל הגילאים! כאן תוכלו לדבר על פרודוקטיביות ולשאול שאלות. תהנו!
tutorial_stats Tap the gray button to allocate lots of your stats at once, or tap the arrows to add them one point at a time.