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mentioning Mentioning
beeminderDesc Let Beeminder automatically monitor your Habitica To Do's. You can commit to maintaining a target number of To Do's completed per day or per week, or you can commit to gradually reducing your remaining number of uncompleted To Do's. (By "commit" Beeminder means under threat of paying actual money! But you may also just like Beeminder's fancy graphs.) Позволете на Beeminder да следи автоматично Вашите задачи за изпълнение. Можете да се ангажирате да изпълнявате даден брой задачи всеки ден или седмица, или можете да се ангажирате постепенно да намалявате оставащите Ви незавършени задачи за изпълнение. (Под „ангажиране“ в Beeminder се разбира реална заплаха от плащане на истински пари! Но може и просто да Ви харесат красивите диаграми на Beeminder.)
hourglassTransactions Hourglass Transactions
giftedSubscriptionWinterPromo Hello <%= username %>, you received <%= monthCount %> months of subscription as part of our holiday gift-giving promotion!
customDayStartInfo1 Habitica checks and resets your Dailies at midnight in your own time zone each day. You can adjust when that happens past the default time here. По подразбиране Хабитика проверява и нулира ежедневните Ви задачи в полунощ Ваше време, всеки ден. Можете да промените това време тук.
transaction_gift_send Gifted to
gemTransactions Gem Transactions
gemCap Gem Cap
transaction_subscription_perks From subscription perk
everywhere Everywhere
displaynameIssueNewline Display Names may not contain backslashes followed by the letter N.
transaction_debug Debug Action
dayStartAdjustment Day Start Adjustment
transaction_create_guild Created guild
transaction_create_challenge Created challenge
transaction_change_class Changed class
transaction_buy_money Bought with money
transaction_buy_gold Bought with gold
otherExtensions <a target='blank' href=',_Add-Ons,_and_Customizations'>Other Extensions</a> <a target='blank' href=',_Add-Ons,_and_Customizations'>Други разширения</a>
adjustment Adjustment