Key English Bulgarian
transaction_subscription_perks From subscription perk
transaction_spend Spent on
transactions Transactions
transaction_reroll Used Fortify Potion
transaction_release_pets Released pets
transaction_release_mounts Released mounts
transaction_rebirth Used Orb of Rebirth
transaction_gift_send Gifted to
transaction_gift_receive Received from
transaction_debug Debug Action
transaction_create_guild Created guild
transaction_create_challenge Created challenge
transaction_create_bank_challenge Created bank challenge
transaction_contribution Through contribution
transaction_change_class Changed class
transaction_buy_money Bought with money
transaction_buy_gold Bought with gold
transaction_admin_update_balance Admin given
timezoneUTC Your time zone is set by your computer, which is: <strong><%= utc %></strong> Хабитика използва часовия пояс, зададен на Вашия компютър, който е: <strong><%= utc %></strong>
suggestMyUsername Suggest my username