Key English Slovak
hatchingPotionQuests Magic Hatching Potion Quests
questInvitationNotificationInfo You were invited to join a quest
questItemsPending <%= amount %> Items pending
bossDamage You damaged the boss!
sureLeaveInactive Are you sure you want to leave the Quest? You won't be able to participate.
selectQuest Select Quest
questAlreadyStarted The quest has already started.
questAlreadyStartedFriendly The quest has already started, but you can always catch the next one!
yourPartyIsNotOnQuest Your Party is not on a Quest
membersParticipating <%= accepted %> / <%= invited %> Members participating
noQuestToStartTitle Can’t find a Quest to start?
chatQuestStarted Your quest, <%= questName %>, has started.
chatBossDamage <%= username %> attacks <%= bossName %> for <%= userDamage %> damage. <%= bossName %> attacks party for <%= bossDamage %> damage.
chatBossDontAttack <%= username %> attacks <%= bossName %> for <%= userDamage %> damage. <%= bossName %> does not attack, because it respects the fact that there are some bugs post-maintenance, and it doesn't want to hurt anyone unfairly. It will continue its rampage soon!
chatBossDefeated You defeated <%= bossName %>! Questing party members receive the rewards of victory.
chatFindItems <%= username %> found <%= items %>.
chatItemQuestFinish All items found! Party has received their rewards.
chatQuestAborted <%= username %> aborted the party quest <%= questName %>.
chatQuestCancelled <%= username %> cancelled the party quest <%= questName %>.
tavernBossTired <%= bossName %> tries to unleash <%= rageName %> but is too tired.