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needTips Need some tips on how to begin? Here's a straightforward guide! 不清楚怎样开始游戏?看看这个简明指南吧!
step1 Step 1: Enter Tasks 第一步:输入任务
webStep1Text Habitica is nothing without real-world goals, so enter a few tasks. You can add more later as you think of them! All tasks can be added by clicking the green "Create" button.
* **Set up [To Do's](** Enter tasks you do once or rarely in the To Do's column, one at a time. You can click on the tasks to edit them and add checklists, due dates, and more!
* **Set up [Dailies](** Enter activities you need to do daily or on a particular day of the week, month, or year in the Dailies column. Click task to edit when it will be due and/or set a start date. You can also make it due on a repeating basis, for example, every 3 days.
* **Set up [Habits](** Enter habits you want to establish in the Habits column. You can edit the Habit to change it to just a good habit :heavy_plus_sign: or a bad habit :heavy_minus_sign:
* **Set up [Rewards](** In addition to the in-game Rewards offered, add activities or treats which you want to use as a motivation to the Rewards column. It's important to give yourself a break or allow some indulgence in moderation!
* If you need inspiration for which tasks to add, you can look at the wiki's pages on [Sample Habits](, [Sample Dailies](, [Sample To Do's](, and [Sample Rewards](
* **建立 [待办事项](待办事项):** 输入只做一次或者很少做的任务到待办事项的列表中,一次一个。你可以点击铅笔来编辑它们或添加清单、时限等等!
* **建立 [每日任务](每日任务):** 输入需要每天或者每周的特定日子来做的事到每日任务的列表中。点击项目的铅笔图标来“编辑”每周的特定日子。你也可以设定它为重复的任务,例如,每3天一次。
* **建立 [习惯](习惯):** 输入你想养成的习惯到习惯列表中。你可以编辑习惯让它变成一个单纯的好习惯或者坏习惯。
* **建立 [奖励](奖励):** 除了游戏中的奖励,你还可以增加一些活动或者你想把它们当做动力的东西到奖励列表中。重要的是要给自己一个休息或允许一些适度放纵!
如果你需要一些添加任务的灵感,可以看看这个维基页面 [习惯范例](习惯)、[每日任务范例](每日任务范例)、[待办事项范例](待办事项范例)以及[自定义奖励范例](自定义奖励范例)。
step2 Step 2: Gain Points by Doing Things in Real Life 第二步:完成现实生活中的任务以获取经验值
webStep2Text Now, start tackling your goals from the list! As you complete tasks and check them off in Habitica, you will gain [Experience](, which helps you level up, and [Gold](, which allows you to purchase Rewards. If you fall into bad habits or miss your Dailies, you will lose [Health]( In that way, the Habitica Experience and Health bars serve as a fun indicator of your progress toward your goals. You'll start seeing your real life improve as your character advances in the game. 现在开始解决你列表中的目标!你在Habitica中完成了任务后会获得能让你升级的[经验](经验值)和能用于购买奖励的[金币](金币)。如果你有了坏习惯或者没有完成每日任务,你会失去[生命](生命值)。以这种方式,Habitica的经验条和生命条就会像指示器一样显示出你完成目标的进度。你就能通过你的游戏角色看见你在现实生活中的提升。
step3 Step 3: Customize and Explore Habitica 第三步:自定义和探索Habitica
webStep3Text Once you're familiar with the basics, you can get even more out of Habitica with these nifty features:
* Organize your Tasks with [tags]( (edit a Task to add them).
* Customize your [Avatar]( by clicking the user icon in the upper-right corner.
* Buy your [Equipment]( under Rewards or from the [Shops](<%= shopUrl %>), and change it under [Inventory > Equipment](<%= equipUrl %>).
* Connect with other users via the [Tavern](
* Hatch [Pets]( by collecting [Eggs]( and [Hatching Potions]( [Feed]( them to create [Mounts](
* At level 10: Choose a particular [Class]( and then use Class-specific [skills]( (levels 11 to 14).
* Form a Party with your friends (by clicking [Party](<%= partyUrl %>) in the navigation bar) to stay accountable and earn a Quest scroll.
* Defeat monsters and collect objects on [Quests]( (you will be given a quest at level 15).
* 给你的任务标上[标签](标签)(编辑一个任务来添加)。
* 自定义你的[角色形象](角色形象),点击最顶上右边的用户图标。
* 在奖励区购买你的[装备](装备)或者在[商店](<%= shopUrl %>)也行,在这里装备上[物品 > 装备](<%= equipUrl %>)。
* 和其他玩家在[酒馆](酒馆)聊天。
* 孵化[宠物](宠物)通过收集[宠物蛋](蛋)以及[孵化药水](孵化药水)。[喂](食物)你的宠物食物来让他们成为[坐骑](坐骑)。
* 达到等级10后:选择一个特定的[职业](职业)并且使用职业专属[技能](技能)(等级11-14)。
* 和朋友一起创建队伍(点击导航栏的[队伍](<%= partyUrl %>))来保持联系和赢得奖励。
* 在[副本](副本)中击败怪物并且收集掉落物品(达到15级时你会得到一个副本)。
overviewQuestions Have questions? Check out the [FAQ](<%= faqUrl %>)! If your question isn't mentioned there, you can ask for further help in the [Habitica Help guild](<%= helpGuildUrl %>).

Good luck with your tasks!
如有任何疑问,请查看我们的[FAQ](<%= faqUrl %>)! 如果您的问题没有被列出,您可以在[Habitica Help Guild](<%= helpGuildUrl %>)中寻求帮助。