Key English
unlockedReward You have received <%= reward %>
earnedRewardForDevotion You have earned <%= reward %> for being committed to improving your life.
nextRewardUnlocksIn Check-ins until your next prize: <%= numberOfCheckinsLeft %>
awesome Awesome!
incentivesDescription When it comes to building habits, consistency is key. Each day you check-in you get closer to a prize.
checkinEarned Your Check-In Counter went up!
unlockedCheckInReward You unlocked a Check-In Prize!
checkinProgressTitle Progress until next
incentiveBackgroundsUnlockedWithCheckins Locked Plain Backgrounds will unlock with Daily Check-Ins.
oneOfAllPetEggs one of each standard Pet Egg
twoOfAllPetEggs two of each standard Pet Egg
threeOfAllPetEggs three of each standard Pet Egg
oneOfAllHatchingPotions one of each standard Hatching Potion
threeOfEachFood three of each standard Pet Food
fourOfEachFood four of each standard Pet Food
twoSaddles two Saddles
threeSaddles three Saddles
incentiveAchievement the Royally Loyal achievement
royallyLoyal Royally Loyal
royallyLoyalText This user has checked in over 500 times, and has earned every Check-In Prize!