Key English Serbian
spring2019OrchidWarriorSet Orchid (Warrior)
spring2019AmberMageSet Amber (Mage)
spring2019RobinHealerSet Robin (Healer)
spring2019CloudRogueSet Cloud (Rogue)
summer2019SeaTurtleWarriorSet Sea Turtle (Warrior)
summer2019WaterLilyMageSet Water Lily (Mage)
summer2019ConchHealerSet Conch (Healer)
summer2019HammerheadRogueSet Hammerhead (Rogue)
eventAvailabilityReturning Available for purchase until <%= availableDate(locale) %>. This potion was last available in <%= previousDate(locale) %>.
fall2019OperaticSpecterSet Operatic Specter (Rogue)
fall2019CyclopsSet Cyclops (Mage)
fall2019LichSet Lich (Healer)
fall2019RavenSet Raven (Warrior)
augustYYYY August <%= year %>
winter2020EvergreenSet Evergreen (Warrior)
winter2020CarolOfTheMageSet Carol of the Mage (Mage)
winter2020WinterSpiceSet Winter Spice (Healer)
winter2020LanternSet Lantern (Rogue)
decemberYYYY December <%= year %>
spring2020BeetleWarriorSet Rhinoceros Beetle (Warrior)