Key English Serbian
fall2022WatcherHealerSet Peeker (Healer)
eventAvailabilityReturning Available for purchase until <%= availableDate(locale) %>. This potion was last available in <%= previousDate(locale) %>.
dateEndDecember December 31
januaryYYYY January <%= year %>
februaryYYYY February <%= year %>
marchYYYY March <%= year %>
aprilYYYY April <%= year %>
mayYYYY May <%= year %>
juneYYYY June <%= year %>
julyYYYY July <%= year %>
augustYYYY August <%= year %>
septemberYYYY September <%= year %>
octoberYYYY October <%= year %>
novemberYYYY November <%= year %>
decemberYYYY December <%= year %>
g1g1 Gift One, Get One
g1g1Event Gift One, Get One event going on now!
g1g1Returning In honor of the season, we’re bringing back a very special promotion. Now when you gift a subscription, you’ll receive the same in return!
howItWorks How it Works
g1g1HowItWorks Type in the username of the account you’d like to gift to. From there, pick the sub length you’d like to gift and check out. Your account will automatically be rewarded with the same level of subscription you just gifted.