Key English Portuguese
Rose Quartz Quartzo rosa
Has hatched all standard colors of domesticated pets: Ferret, Guinea Pig, Rooster, Flying Pig, Rat, Bunny, Horse, and Cow! Guinea Pig Porquinho-da-Índia
Gryphon Grifo
Seafoam Espuma do Mar
by <%= attrs %> each em <%= attrs %> cada
Petal-Free do Despetalar
Bubble Bath Set Conjunto Banho de Espuma
1 Bubble Bath Set Conjunto Banho de Espuma
Enchanted Armoire Baú Encantado
Armoire Baú
Increases all Stats by <%= attrs %>. Aumenta todas as estatísticas by <%= attrs %>.
Increases Aumenta
alchemy alquimia
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Vampire vampire
Joyful Reaper