Key English
contribModal <%= name %>, you awesome person! You're now a tier <%= level %> contributor for helping Habitica.
contribLink See what prizes you've earned for your contribution!
contribName Contributor
contribText Has contributed to Habitica, whether via code, art, music, writing, or other methods. To learn more, join the Aspiring Legends Guild!
kickstartName Kickstarter Backer - $<%= key %> Tier
kickstartText Backed the Kickstarter Project
helped Helped Habitica Grow
hall Hall of Heroes
contribLevel Contrib Tier
hallContributors Hall of Contributors
hallPatrons Hall of Patrons
noAdminAccess You don't have admin access.
noPrivAccess You don't have the required privileges.
userNotFound User not found.
invalidUUID UUID must be valid
title Title
contributions Contributions
admin Admin
gamemaster Game Master (staff/moderator)
backerTier Backer Tier