Key English
challengeMinimum Minimum 1 Gem for public Challenges (helps prevent spam, it really does).
challengeNamePlaceholder What is your Challenge name?
challengeNotFound Challenge not found or you don't have access.
challenges Challenges
challengeSummary Summary
challengeSummaryPlaceholder Write a short description advertising your Challenge to other Habiticans. What is the main purpose of your Challenge and why should people join it? Try to include useful keywords in the description so that Habiticans can easily find it when they search!
challengeTag Tag Name
clone Clone
confirmKeepChallengeTasks Do you want to keep challenge tasks?
createChallenge Create Challenge
createChallengeAddTasks Add Challenge Tasks
createChallengeCloneTasks Clone Challenge Tasks
createdBy Created By
deleteChallenge Delete Challenge
descriptionRequired Description is required
doYouWantedToDeleteChallenge Do you want to delete this Challenge?
editChallenge Edit Challenge
editingChallenge Editing Challenge
endChallenge End Challenge
endDate Ends