Key English
yourReward Your Reward
wonChallengeDesc <%= challengeName %> selected you as the winner! Your win has been recorded in your Achievements.
winnerNotFound Winner with id "<%= userId %>" not found or not part of the challenge.
winnerIdRequired "winnerId" must be a valid UUID.
viewProgressOf View Progress Of
viewProgress View Progress
userAlreadyInChallenge User is already participating in this challenge.
updateChallenge Update Challenge
unsubChallenge Broken Challenge Link: this task was part of a challenge, but you have unsubscribed from the challenge. What to do with the orphan tasks?
tavChalsMinPrize Prize must be at least 1 Gem for Public Challenges.
tagTooShort Tag name is too short
sureDelCha Are you sure you want to delete this challenge?
summaryTooLong Summary is too long
summaryRequired Summary is required
shortNamePlaceholder What short tag should be used to identify your Challenge?
shortName Short Name
selectWinner Select a winner and close the challenge:
selectParticipant Select a Participant
selectMember Select Member
selectChallengeWinnersDescription Select a winner from the Challenge participants