Key English
keepIt Keep It
keepTasks Keep Tasks
leaveChallenge Leave Challenge
loadMore Load More
locationRequired Location of challenge is required ('Add to')
membership Membership
myChallenges My Challenges
nameRequired Name is required
noChallengeMatchFilters We couldn't find any matching Challenges.
noChallengeOwner no owner
noChallengeTitle You don't have any Challenges.
not_owned Not Owned
not_participating Not Participating
onlyChalLeaderEditTasks Tasks belonging to a challenge can only be edited by the leader.
onlyGroupLeaderChal Only the group leader can create challenges
onlyLeaderDeleteChal Only the challenge leader can delete it.
onlyLeaderUpdateChal Only the challenge leader can update it.
owned Owned
ownership Ownership
participants <%= membercount %> Participants