Key English
addTask Add Task
awardWinners Award Winner
brokenChaLink Broken Challenge Link
brokenChallenge Broken Challenge Link: this task was part of a challenge, but the challenge (or group) has been deleted. What to do with the orphan tasks?
brokenTask Broken Challenge Link: this task was part of a challenge, but has been removed from it. What would you like to do?
by by
cantAfford You can't afford this prize. Purchase more gems or lower the prize amount.
cantOnlyUnlinkChalTask Only broken challenges tasks can be unlinked.
categoiresRequired One or more categories must be selected
category Category
challengeCompleted This challenge has been completed, and the winner was <span class="badge"><%- user %></span>! What to do with the orphan tasks?
challengeCreated Challenge created
challengeDescription2 Find recommended Challenges based on your interests, browse Habitica's public Challenges, or create your own Challenges.
challengeDescriptionPlaceholder Use this section to go into more detail about everything that Challenge participants should know about your Challenge.
challengeDetails Challenges are community events in which players compete and earn prizes by completing a group of related tasks.
challengeIdRequired "challengeId" must be a valid UUID.
challengeMemberNotFound User not found among challenge's members
challengeMinimum Minimum 1 Gem for public Challenges (helps prevent spam, it really does).
challengeNamePlaceholder What is your Challenge name?
challengeNotFound Challenge not found or you don't have access.