Key English
publicChallengesTitle Public Challenges
by by
participants <%= membercount %> Participants
challengeCreated Challenge created
sureDelCha Are you sure you want to delete this challenge?
keepTasks Keep Tasks
owned Owned
not_owned Not Owned
not_participating Not Participating
clone Clone
hurray Hurray!
noChallengeOwner no owner
challengeMemberNotFound User not found among challenge's members
onlyGroupLeaderChal Only the group leader can create challenges
tavChalsMinPrize Prize must be at least 1 Gem for Public Challenges.
cantAfford You can't afford this prize. Purchase more gems or lower the prize amount.
challengeIdRequired "challengeId" must be a valid UUID.
winnerIdRequired "winnerId" must be a valid UUID.
challengeNotFound Challenge not found or you don't have access.
onlyLeaderDeleteChal Only the challenge leader can delete it.