Key English
challengeMemberNotFound User not found among challenge's members
onlyGroupLeaderChal Only the group leader can create challenges
tavChalsMinPrize Prize must be at least 1 Gem for Public Challenges.
cantAfford You can't afford this prize. Purchase more gems or lower the prize amount.
challengeIdRequired "challengeId" must be a valid UUID.
winnerIdRequired "winnerId" must be a valid UUID.
challengeNotFound Challenge not found or you don't have access.
onlyLeaderDeleteChal Only the challenge leader can delete it.
onlyLeaderUpdateChal Only the challenge leader can update it.
winnerNotFound Winner with id "<%= userId %>" not found or not part of the challenge.
onlyChalLeaderEditTasks Tasks belonging to a challenge can only be edited by the leader.
userAlreadyInChallenge User is already participating in this challenge.
cantOnlyUnlinkChalTask Only broken challenges tasks can be unlinked.
joinedChallenge Joined a Challenge
joinedChallengeText This user put themselves to the test by joining a Challenge!
myChallenges My Challenges
findChallenges Discover Challenges
noChallengeTitle You don't have any Challenges.
challengeDescription2 Find recommended Challenges based on your interests, browse Habitica's public Challenges, or create your own Challenges.
noChallengeMatchFilters We couldn't find any matching Challenges.