Key English Hebrew
backgroundWinterFireworksText Winter Fireworks זיקוקי חורף
backgroundWinterNightNotes Look at the stars of a Winter Night. צפו בכוכבים של ליל חורף.
backgroundWinterNightText Winter Night ליל חורף
backgroundWinterNocturneNotes Bask in the starlight of a Winter Nocturne.
backgroundWinterNocturneText Winter Nocturne
backgroundWinterStorefrontNotes Purchase presents from a Winter Shop.
backgroundWinterStorefrontText Winter Shop חנות חורף
backgroundWinterTownNotes Bustle through a Winter Town. התרוצצו בעיירה החורפית.
backgroundWinterTownText Winter Town עיירה חורפית
backgroundWinterWaterfallNotes Marvel at a Winter Waterfall.
backgroundWinterWaterfallText Winter Waterfall
backgroundWintryCastleNotes Witness a Wintry Castle through the chilly mists.
backgroundWintryCastleText Wintry Castle
backgroundYellowNotes A yummy yellow backdrop. A yummy yellow backdrop.
backgroundYellowText Yellow צהוב
hideLockedBackgrounds Hide locked backgrounds
incentiveBackgrounds Plain Background Set
noBackground No Background Selected לא נבחר רקע
timeTravelBackgrounds Steampunk Backgrounds