Key English Hebrew
backgroundVineyardText Vineyard
backgroundVioletNotes A vibrant violet backdrop.
backgroundVioletText Violet סגול בהיר
backgroundVolcanoNotes Heat up inside a Volcano. התחממו בתוך הר געש.
backgroundVolcanoText Volcano הר געש
backgroundWaterfallRockNotes Splash on a Waterfall Rock. השפריצו על אבן מפל המים.
backgroundWaterfallRockText Waterfall Rock אבן מפל המים
backgroundWaterMillNotes Watch the wheel of the Water Mill go round and round.
backgroundWaterMillText Water Mill
backgroundWeddingArchNotes Pose under the Wedding Arch.
backgroundWeddingArchText Wedding Arch
backgroundWindmillsNotes Saddle up and go tilting at Windmills.
backgroundWindmillsText Windmills
backgroundWindyAutumnNotes Chase leaves during a Windy Autumn.
backgroundWindyAutumnText Windy Autumn
backgroundWinterCanyonNotes Adventure in a Winter Canyon!
backgroundWinterCanyonText Winter Canyon
backgroundWinterFireworksNotes Set off Winter Fireworks.
backgroundWinterFireworksText Winter Fireworks זיקוקי חורף
backgroundWinterNightNotes Look at the stars of a Winter Night. צפו בכוכבים של ליל חורף.