Key English Hebrew
backgroundTrainingGroundsNotes Spar on the Training Grounds.
backgroundTrainingGroundsText Training Grounds
backgroundTreasureRoomNotes Bask in the wealth of a Treasure Room.
backgroundTreasureRoomText Treasure Room חדר האוצרות
backgroundTreehouseNotes Hang out in an arboreal hideaway all to yourself, in your very own Treehouse.
backgroundTreehouseText Treehouse בית עץ
backgroundTreeRootsNotes Explore the Tree Roots. סיקרו את שורשי העץ.
backgroundTreeRootsText Tree Roots שורשי עץ
backgroundTulipGardenNotes Tiptoe through a Tulip Garden. Tiptoe through a Tulip Garden.
backgroundTulipGardenText Tulip Garden גן הצבעונים
backgroundTwinklyLightsNotes Stroll between trees bedecked in festive lights. טיילו בין העצים מקושטים באורות חג.
backgroundTwinklyLightsText Winter Twinkly Lights אורות חורף מנצנצים
backgroundTwinklyPartyLightsNotes Dance under Twinkly Party Lights! ריקדו לאורות מסיבה מהבהבים
backgroundTwinklyPartyLightsText Twinkly Party Lights אורות מסיבה מהבהבים
backgroundUndeadHandsNotes Try to escape from the clutches of Undead Hands.
backgroundUndeadHandsText Undead Hands
backgroundUnderwaterAmongKoiNotes Dazzle and be dazzled by glittering carp, Underwater Among Koi.
backgroundUnderwaterAmongKoiText Underwater Among Koi
backgroundUnderwaterRuinsNotes Explore Underwater Ruins sunk long ago.
backgroundUnderwaterRuinsText Underwater Ruins