Key English Hebrew
backgroundBackAlleyText Back Alley
backgroundBackOfGiantBeastNotes Ride on the Back of a Giant Beast.
backgroundBackOfGiantBeastText Back of a Giant Beast
backgroundBambooForestNotes Stroll through the Bamboo Forest. שוטטו דרך יער הבמבוק
backgroundBambooForestText Bamboo Forest יער במבוק
backgroundBayouNotes Bask in the fireflies' glow on the misty Bayou. Bask in the fireflies' glow on the misty Bayou.
backgroundBayouText Bayou Bayou
backgroundBeachCabanaNotes Relax in the shade of a Beach Cabana.
backgroundBeachCabanaText Beach Cabana
backgroundBeachNotes Lounge upon a warm beach. שכבו על החול החם.
backgroundBeachText Beach חוף הים
backgroundBeehiveNotes Buzz and dance in a Beehive. זמזמו וריקדו בכוורת דבורים.
backgroundBeehiveText Beehive כוורת דבורים
backgroundBellTowerNotes Climb to the Bell Tower.
backgroundBellTowerText Bell Tower
backgroundBesideWellNotes Stroll Beside a Well.
backgroundBesideWellText Beside a Well
backgroundBirchForestNotes Dally in a peaceful Birch Forest. להשתעשע ביער הליבנה הרגוע.
backgroundBirchForestText Birch Forest יער הליבנה
backgroundBirthdayPartyNotes Celebrate the Birthday Party of your favorite Habitican.