Key English Hebrew
backgroundOnATreeBranchText On a Tree Branch
backgroundOrangeGroveText Orange Grove
backgroundPalmTreeWithFairyLightsText Palm Tree with Fairy Lights
backgroundTeaPartyNotes Partake in a fancy Tea Party.
backgroundButterflyGardenNotes Party with pollinators in a Butterfly Garden.
backgroundAutumnLakeshoreNotes Pause at an Autumn Lakeshore to appreciate the reflection of woods on water.
backgroundInsideAPotionBottleNotes Peer through the glass while hoping for rescue from Inside a Potion Bottle.
backgroundGiantBirdhouseNotes Perch in a Giant Birdhouse.
backgroundGiantAutumnLeafNotes Perch on a Giant Leaf before it falls.
backgroundOnATreeBranchNotes Perch On a Tree Branch.
backgroundStrawberryPatchNotes Pick fresh treats from a Strawberry Patch.
backgroundPixelistsWorkshopText Pixelist's Workshop
incentiveBackgrounds Plain Background Set
backgroundChessboardLandNotes Play a game in Chessboard Land.
backgroundEnchantedMusicRoomNotes Play in an Enchanted Music Room.
backgroundPalmTreeWithFairyLightsNotes Pose by a Palm Tree bedecked with Fairy Lights.
backgroundWeddingArchNotes Pose under the Wedding Arch.
backgroundProductivityPlazaText Productivity Plaza
backgroundGhostShipNotes Prove tales and legends true when you step aboard a Ghost Ship.
backgroundSpookyScarecrowFieldNotes Prove you're more daring than a bird by braving a Spooky Scarecrow Field.