Key English Hebrew
backgroundBeachWithDunesText Beach With Dunes
backgroundBellTowerNotes Climb to the Bell Tower.
backgroundBellTowerText Bell Tower
backgroundBesideWellNotes Stroll Beside a Well.
backgroundBesideWellText Beside a Well
backgroundBioluminescentWavesNotes Admire the glow of Bioluminescent Waves.
backgroundBioluminescentWavesText Bioluminescent Waves
backgroundBirthdayPartyNotes Celebrate the Birthday Party of your favorite Habitican.
backgroundBlizzardNotes Brave a fierce Blizzard.
backgroundBlossomingTreesNotes Dally beneath Blossoming Trees.
backgroundBlossomingTreesText Blossoming Trees
backgroundBranchesOfAHolidayTreeNotes Frolic on the Branches of a Holiday Tree.
backgroundBranchesOfAHolidayTreeText Branches of a Holiday Tree
backgroundBrickWallWithIvyNotes Admire a Brick Wall with Ivy.
backgroundBrickWallWithIvyText Brick Wall with Ivy
backgroundBridgeNotes Cross a charming Bridge.
backgroundBugCoveredLogNotes Investigate a Bug-Covered Log.
backgroundBugCoveredLogText Bug-Covered Log
backgroundBuriedTreasureNotes Unearth Buried Treasure.
backgroundButterflyGardenNotes Party with pollinators in a Butterfly Garden.