Key English Hebrew
backgrounds052019 SET 60: Released May 2019
backgroundDojoText Dojo
backgroundDojoNotes Learn new moves in a Dojo.
backgroundParkWithStatueText Park with Statue
backgroundParkWithStatueNotes Follow a flower-lined path through a Park with a Statue.
backgroundRainbowMeadowText Rainbow Meadow
backgroundRainbowMeadowNotes Find the pot of gold where a Rainbow ends in a Meadow.
backgrounds062019 SET 61: Released June 2019
backgroundSchoolOfFishText School of Fish
backgroundSchoolOfFishNotes Swim among a School of Fish.
backgroundSeasideCliffsText Seaside Cliffs
backgroundSeasideCliffsNotes Stand on a beach with the beauty of Seaside Cliffs above.
backgroundUnderwaterVentsText Underwater Vents
backgroundUnderwaterVentsNotes Take a deep dive down, down to the Underwater Vents.
backgrounds072019 SET 62: Released July 2019
backgroundLakeWithFloatingLanternsText Lake with Floating Lanterns
backgroundLakeWithFloatingLanternsNotes Stargaze from the festival atmosphere of a Lake with Floating Lanterns.
backgroundFlyingOverTropicalIslandsText Flying over Tropical Islands
backgroundFlyingOverTropicalIslandsNotes Let the view take your breath away as you Fly over Tropical Islands.
backgroundAmongGiantAnemonesText Among Giant Anemones