Key English Hebrew
backgroundUndeadHandsNotes Try to escape from the clutches of Undead Hands.
backgrounds112021 SET 90: Released November 2021
backgroundFortuneTellersShopText Fortune Teller's Shop
backgroundFortuneTellersShopNotes Seek tantalizing hints of your future in a Fortune Teller's Shop.
backgroundInsideAPotionBottleText Inside a Potion Bottle
backgroundInsideAPotionBottleNotes Peer through the glass while hoping for rescue from Inside a Potion Bottle.
backgroundSpiralStaircaseText Spiral Staircase
backgroundSpiralStaircaseNotes Climb up, down, round and round a Spiral Staircase.
backgrounds122021 SET 91: Released December 2021
backgroundWinterCanyonText Winter Canyon
backgroundWinterCanyonNotes Adventure in a Winter Canyon!
backgroundIcePalaceText Ice Palace
backgroundIcePalaceNotes Reign in the Ice Palace.
backgroundFrozenPolarWatersText Frozen Polar Waters
backgroundFrozenPolarWatersNotes Explore Frozen Polar Waters.
backgrounds012022 SET 92: Released January 2022
backgroundMeteorShowerText Meteor Shower
backgroundMeteorShowerNotes Observe the dazzling nighttime display of a Meteor Shower.
backgroundPalmTreeWithFairyLightsText Palm Tree with Fairy Lights
backgroundPalmTreeWithFairyLightsNotes Pose by a Palm Tree bedecked with Fairy Lights.