Key English Chinese (Traditional)
achievement Achievement 成就
onwards Onwards! 繼續!
levelup By accomplishing your real life goals, you leveled up and are now fully healed! 藉由完成現實中的生活目標,你已經升級並完全回血了!
reachedLevel You Reached Level <%= level %> 您已達到等級<%= level %>
yourRewards Your Rewards 您的獎賞
gettingStartedDesc Complete these onboarding tasks and you’ll earn <strong>5 Achievements</strong> and <strong class="gold-amount">100 Gold</strong> once you’re done! 完成這些新手任務,您會獲得<strong>5項成就</strong>和<strong class="gold-amount">100枚金幣</strong>!
onboardingProgress <%= percentage %>% progress <%= percentage %>% 完成
yourProgress Your Progress 您的進度
letsGetStarted Let's get started! 我們開始吧!
viewAchievements View Achievements 瀏覽成就
earnedAchievement You earned an achievement! 您獲得了一個成就!
onboardingComplete You completed your onboarding tasks! 您完成了新手任務!
onboardingCompleteDesc You earned <strong>5 Achievements</strong> and <strong class="gold-amount">100 Gold</strong> for completing the list. 藉由完成任務,你獲得了<strong>5個成就</strong>和<strong class="gold-amount">100枚金幣</strong>。
onboardingCompleteDescSmall If you want even more, check out Achievements and start collecting! 如果你想獲得更多勳章,瀏覽你的成就列表並開始收集吧!
showAllAchievements Show All <%= category %> 顯示所有<%= category %>
hideAchievements Hide <%= category %> 隱藏<%= category %>
foundNewItems You found new items! 您發現了新物品!
foundNewItemsExplanation Completing tasks gives you a chance to find items, like Eggs, Hatching Potions, and Pet Food. 完成任務使你有機會找到物品,如蛋、孵化藥水和食物。
foundNewItemsCTA Head to your Inventory and try combining your new hatching potion and egg! 前往物品欄並嘗試合併你的新孵化藥水和蛋!
achievementLostMasterclasser Quest Completionist: Masterclasser Series 副本終結者:大師鑑別者系列