Key English Chinese (Simplified)
achievement Achievement 成就
achievementCreatedTaskModalText Add a task for something you would like to accomplish this week 把这个星期你想完成的任务加在这里
achievementAllThatGlitters All That Glitters 闪闪发光
achievementAllYourBase All Your Base 追本溯源
achievementAridAuthority Arid Authority 干旱管理局
achievementKickstarter2019Text Backed the 2019 Pin Kickstarter Project 参与了2019年Kickstarter的众筹活动
achievementBackToBasics Back to Basics 返璞归真
achievementBareNecessities Bare Necessities 森林王子
achievementBoneCollector Bone Collector 骨骼收藏家
achievementBugBonanza Bug Bonanza 虫子富矿带
levelup By accomplishing your real life goals, you leveled up and are now fully healed! 通过完成现实生活中的目标,恭喜升级,并回满了血!
achievementCompletedTaskModalText Check off any of your tasks to earn rewards 你可以查看任务所得到的奖励
achievementCompletedTask Complete a task 完成一项任务
achievementLostMasterclasserText Completed all sixteen quests in the Masterclasser Quest Series and solved the mystery of the Lost Masterclasser! 完成了“大师鉴别者”副本线的全部16个副本,揭开了迷失的大师鉴别者的神秘面纱!
achievementCompletedTaskText Completed their first task. 完成首项任务。
gettingStartedDesc Complete these onboarding tasks and you’ll earn <strong>5 Achievements</strong> and <strong class="gold-amount">100 Gold</strong> once you’re done! 完成这些新手任务后,你将会获得<strong>5项成就</strong>和<strong class="gold-amount">100枚金币</strong>!
foundNewItemsExplanation Completing tasks gives you a chance to find items, like Eggs, Hatching Potions, and Pet Food. 完成任务使你有机会找到物品,例如蛋、孵化药水和食物。
achievementCreatedTaskText Created their first task. 创建首项任务。
achievementCreatedTask Create your first task 创建一项任务
achievementDustDevil Dust Devil 沙尘恶魔