Key English Chinese (Simplified)
achievement Achievement 成就
achievementAllThatGlitters All That Glitters 闪闪发光
achievementAllThatGlittersModalText You tamed all the Golden Mounts! 你驯服了所有金色坐骑!
achievementAllThatGlittersText Has tamed all Golden Mounts. 已驯服所有金色坐骑。
achievementAllYourBase All Your Base 追本溯源
achievementAllYourBaseModalText You tamed all the Base Mounts! 你驯服了所有基础坐骑!
achievementAllYourBaseText Has tamed all Base Mounts. 已驯服所有基础坐骑。
achievementAridAuthority Arid Authority 干旱管理局
achievementAridAuthorityModalText You tamed all the Desert Mounts! 你驯服了所有沙漠坐骑!
achievementAridAuthorityText Has tamed all Desert Mounts. 已驯服所有沙漠坐骑。
achievementBackToBasics Back to Basics 返璞归真
achievementBackToBasicsModalText You collected all the Base Pets! 你集齐了所有基础宠物!
achievementBackToBasicsText Has collected all Base Pets. 已集齐所有基础宠物。
achievementBareNecessities Bare Necessities 森林王子
achievementBareNecessitiesModalText You completed the Monkey, Sloth, and Treeling pet quests! 你完成了猴子、树懒和小树宠物副本!
achievementBareNecessitiesText Has completed Monkey, Sloth, and Treeling pet quests. 已完成猴子、树懒和小树宠物副本。
achievementBoneCollector Bone Collector 骨骼收藏家
achievementBoneCollectorModalText You collected all the Skeleton Pets! 你集齐了所有骷髅宠物!
achievementBoneCollectorText Has collected all Skeleton Pets. 已集齐所有骷髅宠物。
achievementBugBonanza Bug Bonanza 虫子富矿带