Key English Chinese (Simplified)
achievementAridAuthorityModalText You tamed all the Desert Mounts! 你驯服了所有沙漠坐骑!
achievementKickstarter2019 Pin Kickstarter Backer Kickstarter徽章支持者
achievementKickstarter2019Text Backed the 2019 Pin Kickstarter Project 参与了2019年Kickstarter的众筹活动
achievementPartyOn Your party grew to 4 members! 你的队伍达到了4人!
achievementMonsterMagus Monster Magus 怪物术士
achievementMonsterMagusText Has collected all Zombie Pets. 已集齐所有僵尸宠物。
achievementMonsterMagusModalText You collected all the Zombie Pets! 你集齐了所有僵尸宠物!
achievementUndeadUndertaker Undead Undertaker 不死葬仪师
achievementUndeadUndertakerText Has tamed all Zombie Mounts. 已驯服所有僵尸坐骑。
achievementUndeadUndertakerModalText You tamed all the Zombie Mounts! 你驯服了所有僵尸坐骑!
achievementCreatedTask Create your first task 创建一项任务
achievementCreatedTaskText Created their first task. 创建首项任务。
achievementCreatedTaskModalText Add a task for something you would like to accomplish this week 把这个星期你想完成的任务加在这里
achievementCompletedTask Complete a task 完成一项任务
achievementCompletedTaskText Completed their first task. 完成首项任务。
achievementCompletedTaskModalText Check off any of your tasks to earn rewards 你可以查看任务所得到的奖励
achievementHatchedPet Hatch a Pet 孵化一只宠物
achievementHatchedPetText Hatched their first pet. 孵化首只宠物。
achievementHatchedPetModalText Head over to your inventory and try combining a hatching Potion and an Egg 进入物品栏,尝试用孵化药水来孵一颗蛋
achievementFedPet Feed a Pet 喂一只宠物